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He found 9 6's at , 9 7's at and 9 8's at There are also the above mentioned 42's. Can you find something else? Many thanks to Carola Schermuly, who prompted me to figure out a most useless but interesting bit of Pi trivia: The maximum number of digits of Pi necessary to find any month-day combination is Interestingly enough, this is the same value with European date formats meaning March 12th and American date formats - the same date, December 3rd, is the winner. It takes digits after the decimal point to find them.

Dan Sikorski pointed out an interesting loop sequence within Pi. If you search for , it appears at position If you then search for 40, it appears at position Search for 70, The sequence Dan found is: 40, 70, 96, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , One has to wonder: What is the probability of finding a loop for any given initial search string?

Or even, within the infinite expansion of pi, would all searches necessarily fall into a loop?

The expected number of digits required to find a search string is proportional to the length of the string, but the requirement to loop again makes the analysis a bit tricky. Anyone know? Doug Hafen points out that that not all numbers will loop because of the self-locating strings. It's also possible to drop into a self-locating string, e. No loop. Thanks, Doug! Results The string occurs at position.

Find Next The string and surrounding digits: text version - beta! About the odds of finding or not finding your number in Pi. Share on Twitter. News [ more ] Huge overhaul: The pi searcher is now interactive.

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Pi stuff - shirts, mugs, books show your love of Pi! Where can I get the digits of Pi? Why the Pi Searcher?

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How it Works The Pi Searcher uses a combination of linear search searching each digit one by one for small search strings and a pre-computed index for large search strings. For more information, see how the Pi Searcher works. Finding Pi See our new Digits of Pi page for even more digits Digits Source Small bits of Pi Angio.

Here is a hastily written unix-only decompression program. It requires mmap, and I've only tested it on BSD. If you treat the first digit after the decimal point as digit "1" which the pi searcher does , then you get the following numbers which can self-locate themselves in the first M digits of pi: 1, , , If, on the other hand, you act like a computer geek and use zero based indexing, then you get these numbers: 6, 27, , , The Meaning of Life 42 and Pi Quoting from Scott Glazer : Trying to come up with a significant number to search for, I thought of 42 the answer to life, the universe, and everything in Hitchhikers's Guide to the Galaxy.

Came back that this shows up at position Add one for the decimal point, I lamely rationalize here and you get , the reverse of the original input. March of Dimes, a not-for-profit, section c 3.

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birthday number 10 png Birthday number 10 png
birthday number 10 png Birthday number 10 png
birthday number 10 png Birthday number 10 png
birthday number 10 png Birthday number 10 png
birthday number 10 png Birthday number 10 png
birthday number 10 png Birthday number 10 png
birthday number 10 png Birthday number 10 png
birthday number 10 png Birthday number 10 png
Birthday number 10 png

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