Dark side of scorpio horoscope

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Just like the scorpion, Scorpios thrive in extreme conditions and have huge levels of endurance. Scorpios fascinate other signs. People are either scared to be around them or gravitate towards them. They like to be around people who they consider their equal: people who are energized and committed, people who can focus and overcome challenges.

Scorpio season is telling — not asking — you to come to the dark side

Having said that, they also enjoy being with those who will follow them and not question their decisions or actions. Scorpio is a water sign. Taurus is their opposite sign so they are particularly attracted to Taurean individuals. They also get on well with other Scorpios, although a power struggle of huge proportions could occur.

Scorpio is generally considered to be the most possessive sign in the zodiac, but different types of Scorpios experience this destructive emotion in completely different ways. A level one Snake Scorpio may take possessiveness to the extreme, making it almost impossible to have a drama-free relationship with them. The most evolved Scorpios, the Phoenixes, will identify their own possessive emotions.

In particular, people who have the planet Venus in Scorpio have problems with possessive feelings in relationships. To love, you have to be able to give freedom and this is something that is a real challenge for these people. Unless they work hard at controlling their possessive streak, they can scare off partners and friends with their demands and accusations. Scorpios can make the most loyal friends you could ever wish for, or they could dismiss your attempts at friendship without a second thought. It depends on whether they value you or not. One of Scorpios biggest challenges is that they want to be in control.

Put them in a submissive position, or take the power from them, and they will just switch off and stare at you. Scorpio wants to lead, they want to drive the show. At their best, a level three Phoenix Scorpio has an incredible appetite for sensuality.

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At their worst, a level one Snake Scorpio will just take what they want from people without considering their feelings. All Scorpios are powerful to some extent, but what they use that power for is down to their level of evolution. A low level consciousness Scorpio can be manipulative and hurtful but an evolved Scorpio is a true wisdom teacher. Many teachers, healers and doctors are highly evolved Scorpios but, take their power from them, and you may still feel their sting!

Interestingly, Elvis Presley was Scorpio rising. Known for his incredible sexual energy and hypnotic appeal, Presley was a hugely powerful person who could be very supportive of those who earned his trust. He was also known to take what he wanted from people and simply get rid of those who he felt were of no use or benefit to him. Scorpios can be very attracted to Taurus as they are opposite zodiac signs.

They are also both highly sensual signs. An evolved Scorpio is most at home with a partner who revels in sensuality. Together they could spend hours simply pleasing each other — remember Scorpio has the most incredible focus and rarely gives up until the completion of any task! For Scorpio to be attracted to any individual, that person must be sincere and committed. They also tire of people they find boring or weak. Scorpio can identify superficial people with unearthly speed and accuracy so, if you want to be with a Scorpio, make sure your intentions are clear and honest. Scorpio is the zodiac sign most devoted to their soul rather than their ego.

They will destroy their own ego in pursuit of improving their soul.

Scorpio is one of the most important signs of the Zodiac but it holds a lot of secrets.

They understand that true power comes from facing the darkness and not running away from it. An understanding of their darker side and an acceptance of their negative emotions gives Scorpios huge insight into themselves and others. Two Scorpios can drive each other to achieve stratospheric success, or they can tear each other apart.

In Defense of Scorpio's Dark Side - Astrodienst

It depends on the individuals and what level of Scorpio they are, Snake, Eagle or Phoenix. Scorpios working in partnership can be unbeatable. Scorpios generally feel comfortable with other Scorpios as they appreciate others with a high level of energy. Their endurance is legendary!

But, should an issue of who is really in control arise, sparks could fly that burn the friendship beyond redemption.


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It allows the readers to better understand themselves and know their true self.

Scorpio Traits: Strengths and Weaknesses

To learn more about Debra, book an astrological reading, and more, you can visit www. Each of the twelve constellations represents a different range of dates in the year, so your zodiac depends on the day on which you were born. The zodiac signs are as follows:. These dates are adjusted according to leap year.

Every four years the cusp marker changes. Just remember not to forget yourself in efforts to keep the peace. Scorpio knows how to seduce an entire room, but let's face it, you can be a lot to handle.

The rest of the zodiac gets a glimpse of your mind as it pertains to dating when romantic Venus enters Scorpio on Tuesday, October 8. Emotions are running high, so make sure to take care of yourself and think before you sting. You don't want to come on too strong especially in new relationships , but you also don't want to be someone that you're not. A full moon in Aries on Sunday, October 13 , brings you a burst of confidence. Rather than hide your "dark side," work on sharing it with the world from a healthy place.

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You'll find that people love you for your mystery and fascination with sex and death. Scorpio season officially begins on Wednesday, October Yes, you can celebrate your birthday all season long. It's also Halloween season, so break out the black lipstick, the costumes, and talk about kinky sex with your partner or partners. Try not to be too annoyed at the other signs who have a sudden interest in things such as cemeteries when you're obsessed with them all year round.

It's your season, and it's a great time to go after what you want. Set intentions for the rest of the year on the new moon in Scorpio on Sunday, October Mercury retrograde begins on Thursday, October 31 , which also happens to be Halloween. Don't let it stress you out or ruin your spooky celebrations. Just think long and hard before you go ahead and sleep with that ex who reappears in your life out of the blue.

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dark side of scorpio horoscope Dark side of scorpio horoscope
dark side of scorpio horoscope Dark side of scorpio horoscope
dark side of scorpio horoscope Dark side of scorpio horoscope
dark side of scorpio horoscope Dark side of scorpio horoscope
dark side of scorpio horoscope Dark side of scorpio horoscope
dark side of scorpio horoscope Dark side of scorpio horoscope
dark side of scorpio horoscope Dark side of scorpio horoscope
dark side of scorpio horoscope Dark side of scorpio horoscope

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